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Snug Virtual Gig

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything”

So, when the country went into lockdown there was no better way to kick off the Snug Virtual Socialising calendar than with music.

‘Snug Sessions’ was the first of our Snug Virtual Socials, an interactive Friday Night In to keep our spirits high, literally and figuratively, taking our minds away from the unprecedented scenario we all found ourselves in, and most importantly, to have some fun.

With a zoom drink to start we enjoyed learning about our favourite tipples (cheapest round ever) we then made our way over to a private gig on YouTube – one of the great things about this – no travel time, no getting ready time (we are sure there were some pyjamas rocking about, bliss) just FUN TIMES to be had.

Stephanie Willis is a very talented local musician who would usually be filling her Friday nights gigging in Pubs, at Private Parties, Weddings and Birthdays but of course due to the lockdown found that she had some free time on her hands all of a sudden which really worked in our favour.

WOW – what an INCREDIBLE voice. From Bryan Adams to Tones and I, Elvis and Johnny Cash, we were entertained for the night and found ourselves forgetting all about the lockdown to enjoy this novel new way of socialising and of keeping in contact with each-other.

With live messaging on the link, requests were flying in left, right and centre, Stephanie did not disappoint. From Valerie, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I Wanna Dance With Somebody to Purple Rain and Mr Brightside Stephanie covered all genres with Taylor Swift being a popular choice and The Greatest Showman most definitely being a few of the housemates ‘guilty pleasure’ song of choice.

Particularly enjoyed the topical lyrics ‘Not touching me, not touching you…..Sweet Caroline’ the iconic Neil Diamond song cleverly adapted to encourage social distancing.

The night was a resounding success with housemates even going so far to say they preferred this way of watching a gig. It was so much fun everyone getting to know each-others music tastes, everyone relished being part of the Snug Community especially in times like these.

We certainly felt the Snug Family Vibe at full force for the evening and it was quite moving for lots of us knowing that we had so many people around us to keep us going.

Thank you, Stephanie, (rock n roll) on the next one……

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