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Reasons To Houseshare With Snug Shared Living

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Whatever the reason, work- or life-related, relocating to a new geographical area is always exciting. However, where do we begin!?

Sharing a house with housemates provides the ideal starting point. It gives you time to explore the pros and cons of the new location, allowing you to decide whether it is suitable for you in the future. As we care at Snug, we’ve prepared a list of the best perks of sharing your home. We hope you’ll find it helpful!

You always get support and help

Living at Snug, you can forget about the little things that are often so frustrating. Whatever happens, there is always someone around to help you. There’s no more getting frustrated over the stubborn jar lid. And if you burn your toast, you can always steal a housemate’s slice of bread in return for a slice of pizza later that evening. It makes life so much easier, doesn’t it?

You get to know different people

Shared living is an amazing opportunity to get to meet people you wouldn’t meet at work or in your friends' circle. Everyone is truly unique, different, and fun to get to know. You can learn about new ways of living and make lots of new friends! It’s all about chemistry in the house.

You share your household duties

Whilst sharing your home with housemates, even domestic duties can become fun. Split your responsibilities or introduce a rota to ensure everything stays spotlessly clean! What is more fun than someone helping you cook or do dishes dancing to each other’s favourite songs?

You save your money

Last but definitely not least, the financial perks. Shared living saves not only nerves but money. In total, you can save over £1,600 more a year than those who rent alone. This way of renting with someone else helps you move closer to your dream of buying your own house.

So, sharing a home at Snug is all about fun and flexibility. It’s a great option for young professionals who enjoy the social side of living without a commitment to any specific area. Complete freedom, searching for your true self, and enjoying your life surrounded by new, interesting people who can easily become your new friends – this is something that everyone needs to have the experience of.

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