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Life in a Snug home

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

"How do I sum up my time at Kingsway? It wasn't a home from home, it was - put simply - just home.

I actually knew Kingsway was the house for me before I'd seen it. I'd had a great chat with Rebecca on the phone before my viewings and felt like she'd really taken the time to get to know me and what I was looking for in a house. The viewing simply confirmed what I already knew - this social, busy and friendly house was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted housemates who'd be a second family who I could share meals and enjoy movie nights with, not room hermits but also not in your face the whole time! Respectful of privacy when it's needed! We had the best time, I've genuinely made friends for life in them, confirmed in lockdown where we had a weekly Friday night quiz together...over Zoom of course because none of us live together anymore!

I loved my room! My job has me working quite antisocial hours at times, so the en suite was a god send when I had a 3am wake up - meant not waking up the others, even with my music on in the shower! It was a really great size, in a really good condition with plenty of storage which is just as well because I am a big collector of stuff - trinkets, ornaments, pictures of all the nights out I've had with my amazing housemates! The usual kind of stuff...!

Rebecca and the team at Snug are great, if we ever had any problems (rare, but they happen!) they were straight on it. The best example was last winter, the boiler wasn't working on a chilly Sunday and Rebecca gave up her afternoon to provide emergency portable heaters as a temporary fix, before the landlord got the boiler replaced speedily the following week. I couldn't have wished for better or more efficient service!

The two years I spent at Kingsway are ones I look back on so fondly, I don't really feel like I have the words. I honestly felt like I'd fallen on my feet well and truly finding somewhere like there to live, so jammy of me! Affordable, convenient and easy all meaning I could get on with life and what was really important! Making new friends, enjoying what was left of my twenties(!), and finding my independence again."

Kate, Caversham

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