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Who knew a chilli plant could be so much fun

Updated: Jan 13, 2022

We've been holding a chilli plant competition across our homes over the last few months, here's our story so far......

Our chilli seeds originated from Nottingham and were ordered in the depths of December – the variety Apache was sown in January in a warm propagator and transplanted twice before ending up in its final pot – note to grower is not to use the cheapest compost on the market… does matter and he should know better!

Chilli farming is a big business and has made some of its growers both rich and influential – this Twyford grower is neither but does enjoy nurturing plants. Fanatics of the chilli even carry them around with them so that they can enjoy their pleasures wherever they may be.

The chilli is often described as addictive but not negatively like tobacco – there is no chemical dependency – however that burning sensation we get from chilli’s stimulates the release of endorphins, natural pain killers that also create a feeling of well-being.

The nurturing of the said 29 chilli plants has varied from amazing to abysmal!! – the grower has seen a number of dried up chilli plants across Berkshire…..he has his spies out – however buoyed by some of the houses to hold festival for their chilli’s, day trips for their chilli’s, meals from their chilli’s, films for their chilli’s this will all be repeated next year and see if we can spread the love for this amazing plant and make it indispensable to house life!!

To be continued.......

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